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Why Choose SJPII

Why Choose St. John Paull II?
We teach students of all faiths and offer a warm and loving environment that nurtures the mind, body, and spirit of our students. The faculty, staff, and stakeholders of Saint John Paul II share the mission of dedication in forming the hearts and minds of our students according to the teachings of the Roman Catholic faith and with the highest standard of academic excellence. St. John Paul II Catholic School provides a unique educational setting true to our Catholic identity and is designed to challenge and nurture students. We encourage every student and provide opportunities to become involved in a variety of school activities and programs. Activities range from middle school service projects to after-school clubs, sports, and other seasonal opportunities.

Top Ten Reasons to Enroll Your Child With Us

  • Steadfast commitment to a faith-based education—a strong faith provides a strong foundation for life
  • Family atmosphere—we will love your child first, and then guide him or her to learn
  • Experienced teachers in EVERY classroom EVERY day
  • Small class sizes to facilitate individualized learning—we will never overlook your child
  • Exceptional parental involvement—our parents are our students’ first teachers, and they have an active role in our school through volunteer experiences and special projects
  • Vibrant, student-led community service program
  • Safe and secure environment
  • Student uniforms—studies show that uniforms improve behavior, while making clear the focus of learning
  • Affordable tuition—financial assistance is available
  • Strong athletics program

Advantages of Attending Our School

  • Intentional and innovative focus on faith enrichment, character development, academic rigor, and community service
  • A solid balance of academics, athletics, and the arts
  • Experienced professional educators in all classrooms
  • A beautiful 20-acre campus with facilities supporting learning and the potential for ongoing expansion
  • Extensive parent communication and opportunities for school involvement
  • A rigorous curriculum that builds on itself through all grade levels
  • Considerable opportunities for public speaking and performance offered to students
  • High parent, student body, staff, and alumni satisfaction ratings (as evidenced by our surveys)
  • A strong commitment to authentic development of 21st century skills

Check Us Out

Call us to schedule a Campus Tour.

All prospective students will complete a Shadow and Assessment Day. Prospective students will spend the day with their current grade to assist with transitioning or the decision making process. 

Please call our office with any questions you have; we would be delighted to assist you as you prayerfully discern the best school for your family. 

Nancy Sheets

Admissions Director and Registrar