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Lower School

The Lower School encompasses students in Kindergarten through fifth grade. 

The lower grades are Kindergarten through second grade. These are vital years to set forth a strong academic foundation that will serve our students for a lifetime. As we journey with our young students, we work to instill virtues and values that embody the teaching of the Roman Catholic Church. 

In our intermediate grades, third through fifth, we continue to teach the whole child: mind, body, and soul. During this time of transition between elementary and middle school, we encourage students to work more independently and to take more responsibility for their own education. Instead of “learning to read,” they are “reading to learn,” and instead of “learning to write,” they are “writing to communicate.”


Kindergarten Program of Studies

First Grade Program of Studies

Second Grade Program of Studies

Third Grade Program of Studies

Fourth Grade Program of Studies

Fifth Grade Program of Studies



Leadership Opportunities

The intermediate students have additional access to leadership opportunities such as serving as Mass and reading buddies to the younger students or serving as a class representative in the student council. Fifth grade students may participate in Safety Patrol where they are responsible on a rotating basis for ensuring younger students get in and out of their cars safely during drop-off and pick-up.